Saturday, March 23, 2013

Magazine Submissions

As a photographer I want to get published to magazines, both print and online. I've entered into one photography contest before for a landscape shot and I came in 2nd place :) That was about 6 years ago.

I haven't submitted to magazines before mostly because usually for example it's spring here in Vancouver and the spring deadlines are long past and they're looking for summer submissions. It's either photos from last year or it's too cold to shoot summer wear.

I do like the challenge of each magazine's concept for the issue or what they're looking for. It gives me a direction for my creative ideas.

Most magazine submissions have strict rules but understandable. One of the rules is only 2 ~ 3 preview images may be posted out of the set of about 6 ~ 12 images. And they can't be on your website, facebook or seen by the public. This makes sense as you want your images to be a fresh look for the readers of the magazines, not something that's been view millions of time on the internet.

I missed the deadline for a few magazine submissions for the spring season but I'll work towards the summer and fall season now :)

Got to love photography!
It's a passion for me and always trying to have fun along the way.

Ray out!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MVP Workshops by Chris Pike

There's a workshop ran by Chris Pike usually on a monthly basis and the costs differ depending on the setup. $35 ~ $75

Here's the link

and here'a promo video by Winston Wong (I love this guy's video work, and he's a great photographer also!) that I'm in it for a few seconds. by

There are usually different themes from indoors, outdoors, portraits, headshots, glamour, bikini, pinup. All different themes for your different tastes.

I enjoy going to these workshops as I can pick up new tips and tricks and network with other models, make up artists, hair stylists and photographers. Although I must say the networking part is important, getting the shot is pretty fun too. It's pretty intense where you're placed in groups of 4 ~5 people and you're at a 'station' with backdrop and lights and you have about 25 minutes, so 5 mins each to set up the lighting the way you want it and work with the models to get the shots. If you're a beginner or not comfortable with multiple strobe settings it's a friendly environment where you can grab Chris or one of the assistants like Wilson and they'll be able to provide you with tips and tricks that help you for sure.

I highly recommend the workshop as the instructors and assistants are all friendly and you'll get some great shots to add to your portfolio!

The latest workshop was a glamour theme but it when I shot I used my regular fashion/lifestyle type of style for my shots.

Here are some of my shots and you'll see some familiar faces:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Logo for 2013

Hi Everyone,

I've simplified my logo for 2013. I'll continue to use the 2012 logo for my wedding and engagements but for my portraits and fashion I've decided to simplify things and use a simple text with my name and website address. Keeps things nice and simple, although comes with a higher risk of someone stealing my images since a text block can be easily removed but hopefully that doesn't happen!
We'll see how it goes for my 2013!
Keep shooting!

Ray out!

Monday, January 28, 2013

First blog and first photoshoot of 2013

Here's my first post of my blog and about my first photoshoot of 2013. It was an outdoor fashion photoshoot at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody with Joanna. It was -4 that day and it was pretty cold.

Some technical details: The only lens used on this photoshoot was my Canon 70-200/2.8 MK2 and lighting was my Einstein Strobe with my Kacey 22" beauty dish. The time of the day was about 2 hours before sunset around 1:30pm and we shot till around 4:30pm, and it was getting quite cold by then.

I applied a vintage type of edit, mainly using Lightroom 4.3 to this series of photos.